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User-centered design of business communities. The influence of user diversity on motivation to use.

Reasons for using social networks professionally

Information disclosure in social networks

Netiquette for the work environment

Social Networking Sites in the work environment

Belivability of Fake News

Unterstützung interdisziplinärer integration am Beispiel einer Exzellenzcluster-Community

Aktuelle wissenschaftliche Fragestellungen sind häufig nur von einer Vielzahl unterschiedlicher wissenschaftlicher Fachdisziplinen zu beantworten. Dies gilt besonders für Forschung im Bereich des Maschinenbaus und speziell im Bereich der …

User-centered design of business communities. The influence of diversity factors on motives to use communities in professional settings

The professional use and implementation of social media or social media related applications are booming. Solutions like business internal communities promise to connect employees in a more flexible way than old-fashioned mailing lists or static …

Reasons for using social networks professionally

Since the success of social media in private usage settings, social media applications spread rapidly in the working context. In busi- ness internal contexts these applications seem useful as a measure for strategic knowledge management. Social media …

Yet another platform? Motivational factors for using online communities in business contexts

As a consequence of ongoing globalization processes and demographic change, many small and medium-sized companies face the problem of knowledge loss. To counteract this, companies are adopting Web 2.0 applications to accumulate and store the …