agent-based modelling

Using Netlogo for Disease Modeling

Overview Since the term “Simulation” or modeling was used frequently in the media recently to get an understanding of the spread of covid-19, I have created an instructive agent-based model for the simulation of disease spread and limited hospital capacities. Since this model is only “instructive” for the purpose of understanding modeling, I have also created a video to explain the model and some implications due to the simplicity of the design.

Predicting Acceptance of Novel Technology from Social Network Data - An Agent-based Simulation-Approach

With digitization of production technology changes in technology infrastructure will become more frequent and more important for the competitiveness of organizations. Here, a crucial factor lies in the acceptance of such novel technology by users. …

Predicting Acceptance of Novel Technology from Social Network Data

Human Factors in the Age of Algorithms. Understanding the Human-in-the-loop Using Agent-Based Modeling

The complex interaction of humans with digitized technology has far reaching consequences, many of which are still completely opaque in the present. Technology like social networks, artificial intelligence and automation impacts life at work, at …