Finding a Structure: Evaluating Different Modelling Languages Regarding Their Suitability of Designing Agent-Based Models


Several approaches to standardize the creation of agent-based models exist, but there is no perfect way to do it yet. In this study we analyze, whether two modelling languages (i* Star, UML) can help in designing agent-based models. We identified requirements for building agent-based models and analyzed to what extent the requirements can be met by applying modeling languages. We reflect whether the application of modeling languages can profitably facilitate the creation of agent-based models. We found that modeling languages can meet some requirements for creating agent-based models. Finally, modeling languages offer an added value to the creation of agent-based models, but their application also requires more time than creating a model without their application. However, when creating agent-based models, a considerable amount of time should be spent to decide what the model would depict. Our …

In International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction