That’s so Meta! Usability of a Hypergraph-Based Discussion Model


Massive online communication systems such as social net- works, message boards and comment sections are widely used, yet fail in conveying a diverse public opinion. Limitations of models and protocols do not allow users to precisely express their intention and to maintain a complete overview in large-scale discussions. Data-driven approaches fail as well, as they remove the nuances of human communication and use coarse representations like trends, summaries and abstract visualizations. We argue that a new discussion model and a large-scale communication protocol is needed. We evaluate the comprehensibility of a hyperedge connection in modeling arguments for online discussions. An initial mechanical turk study (n = 200) revealed that 30% of the subjects intu- itively considered using hyperedges. This was followed by a user study of a prototype (n = 51), where 80% actively used hyperedges. Both find- ings were independent of user diversity factors (age, gender, graph theory knowledge). The prototypical implementation was evaluated positively.

In: International Conference on Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management, pp. 248–258